m4RH content includes messages on contraceptive methods, HIV and STI prevention, sex and pregnancy, and puberty. These messages have been systematically developed, adapting evidence-based global guidelines to the 160 character limit of short message service (SMS) or text messages, and tested with users. All of the m4RH messages are available to be used in whole or in part by health communication programs worldwide. Please contact us to access them.

“Implants are small rods placed under skin of woman’s arm. Highly effective for 3-5 years. For married and singles. May cause light irregular bleeding. When removed, can become pregnant with no delay. No infertility or birth defects.” (m4RH implant message)

m4RH originally provided only the most basic and essential information about family planning as well as information on the location of clinics. Soon after the pilot, FHI 360 developed new content for m4RH in direct support of contraceptive continuation. The new content focuses on: 1) management of side effects; 2) addressing common barriers and misconceptions about specific FP methods; 3) further addressing benefits of method use; and 4) role model stories, or story installments modeling positive health attitudes, norms, and behaviors.

“Puberty is when girls and boys bodies change. They grow bigger and taller, their genitals mature, and hair starts growing in new places. This usually normally happens between ages 8-13 in girls and 10-15 in boys. Sometimes it happens earlier or later, and lasts about 2-5 years.” (m4RH puberty message)

All of the m4RH messages are available to be used in whole or in part by health communication programs worldwide. Please contact us to access them.  We encourage you to read more about the message development and adaptation process in the “Planning & Design” section of this tool.

FHI 360 has also adapted m4RH for young people 10-24 years old in Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda and added additional content on puberty, sex, pregnancy, health choices, gender-based violence, and dual protection.

“I called my sister Ruth and she told me she used oral contraceptive pills (daily pills) for 2 years before marrying Isaac. She stopped to start a family. Now Ruth and Isaac have 3 beautiful children. Ruth said that lately Isaac is worried about the cost of raising 3 kids, so she is using daily pills again and now they don’t worry about unplanned pregnancy. Ruth uses the alarm on her mobile as a reminder to take her pill every night before bed. Isaac makes sure Ruth has new pill packs when she needs them. What a great guy-I wonder if my boyfriend would do that for me?” (Excerpt from an m4RH role model story)

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